Aruba Airport Taxi

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Aruba Airport Taxi Service

Aruba Airport taxi service is readily available from Queen Beatrix International Airport to a variety of popular destinations on the island including Oranjestad, Eagle Beach, and Palm Beach, and vice versa.

From the moment you arrive in Aruba until you depart, you’ll have personalized travel assistance provided by Welcome Pickups.

Book now to make sure you have a ride waiting for you when you get to Aruba. This way, you won’t have to bargain with taxi drivers over the fares at the Aruba Airport.

What Can You Expect

Travel Safety: Welcome Pickups maintains a safety score of 99 out of 100. Their vehicles undergo regular sanitization and disinfection following the Welcome Safety Protocol. Additionally, drivers allow for at least a 20-minute gap between transfers at the Aruba Airport to thoroughly clean and ventilate the car.

Personalized Service: After booking your Aruba Airport taxi, you’ll receive a personalized trip page. Here, you can book activities, restaurants, and local experiences with your Welcome driver or recommended providers. This includes city tours, day trips, and tailored activities from top-rated providers.

Knowledgeable Drivers: The drivers of pickups from Aruba Airport are locals who are excited to share insider tips and recommendations about the island. Treat your driver kindly and don’t hesitate to ask for their list of must-see attractions.

Affordable: Prices for rides from Aruba Airport are about the same as regular taxis, so you know what to expect and can enjoy your trip without worrying about extra charges.

Essential Products: Once you’ve booked your Aruba Airport taxi, you can also get essential travel stuff like SIM cards, Wi-Fi hotspots, tickets to skip lines at attractions, and boxes of local souvenirs.

24/7 Customer Support: Welcome Pickups’ team is available around the clock to assist you with any changes to your booking or any questions you have about pickups from Aruba Airport.

Flexible Cancellation: Life can bring unexpected surprises. However, with Welcome Pickups, you can cancel or change the timing of your pickup from Aruba Airport without worrying about extra charges.

Flight Monitoring: The drivers check for flight delays, so your ride will be there when you arrive at Aruba Airport, even if your plane is late. You won’t have to wait or worry about missing your pickup.

How To Book?

To book your taxi ride from Aruba Airport, just click here. Fill in the needed details like your transfer date, destination, and the number of passengers.

When you get to Aruba Airport, a skilled local taxi driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals area. They’ll be holding a sign with your name on it, so you can easily recognize them.

Your driver will assist you with your bags and lead you to one of Welcome Pickups’ comfortable, clean, and air-conditioned cars. Then, they’ll drive you straight to your chosen destination in Aruba.

Aruba Airport Taxi Rates: $54 USD

All of our Aruba Airport taxi rates are one flat fee of $54 USD — you’ll never pay a dollar more no matter your destination in Aruba. Yes, you read that right. $54 USD for a taxi from Aruba Airport to all the top destinations on the island for up to 5 passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How expensive are taxis in Aruba?

Taxis in Aruba offer reasonable prices when booked through Welcome Pickups. All rides from Aruba Airport to anywhere in Oranjestad have a fixed rate of $54 USD for up to 5 passengers, regardless of your destination on the island.

2. Should you tip taxi in Aruba?

Tipping taxi drivers in Aruba is optional. If your driver does a great job and you want to show appreciation, you can leave a tip. It’s up to you how much you want to give.

Please be aware that Welcome Pickups’ prices don’t cover tips. You can decide whether to give a gratuity to your Welcome driver for their outstanding service, but it’s not included in the fare.

3. Are there taxis outside Aruba airport?

Yes, there are always taxis waiting outside Aruba Airport at the taxi stand. However, we recommend booking in advance at a fixed price. This way, you won’t have to wait or spend time bargaining with drivers. Book now to ensure a stress-free experience when you arrive in Aruba.

4. Are taxis in Aruba cash only?

No, taxis in Aruba accept various payment methods. Welcome Pickups allow you to use Google Pay, PayPal, or major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. Initially, you can’t book with cash, but if needed, your driver can arrange a return transfer with cash payment. Just let your driver know, and they’ll handle it.

5. Are taxis reliable in Aruba?

Yes, taxis are very reliable in Aruba. They’re a safe and fast way to get to your accommodation or wherever you need to go. All the taxis at the airport are officially registered and allowed to pick up passengers. It’s still a good idea to book in advance through a trusted platform like ours so you don’t have to wait or haggle with the driver when you arrive.