Aruba Airport Map

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Aruba Airport Map

Navigate Aruba Airport with confidence using this detailed Aruba Airport map.

Whether you’re a first-time traveler or a frequent flyer, this comprehensive map of Aruba Airport provides an insiders look at the layout of the terminal, gates, facilities, and key points of interest.

Easily locate check-in counters, security checkpoints, lounges, transportation and more. Simplify your journey and make the most of your time at the Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA) with our user-friendly map as your trusted guide.

Aruba Airport Directory

Aruba Airport offers a shopping experience for those who are looking to pick up one last souvenir or gift for friends and family before heading home.

Shopping (Ground Floor)

Dufry Perfumes & Cosmetics

Island Breeze Souvenirs

Island Breeze Books & Magazines

Dufry Delicatessen

Dufry Liquor & Tobacco

Colombian Emeralds

Dufry Fashion & Accessories

Shopping (1st Floor)

Island Breeze Souvenirs

Island Breeze Books & Magazines

Dufry Liquor & Tobacco

Dufry Delicatessen

Dufry Perfumes & Cosmetics

Aruba Aloe

Marriott Vacation Club

There are a variety of dining options at Aruba Airport for travelers with some time to burn. From quick snacks and coffee shops to sit-down restaurants, there’s something to satisfy just about everyone.

Food (Ground Floor)

Sbarro Pizzette

Nathan’s Hot Dogs

Auntie Anne’s


Haya Sushi


Panda Express

Carvel Ice Cream

Food (1st Floor)

Sbarro Pizza



Quiznos Sandwiches

Panda Express

Alcohol, Coffee & Refreshments (Ground Floor)

The Old Dutch Bar

One Happy Bar

Wine Port

Grab & Go

Juan Valdez Cafe

Alcohol, Coffee & Refreshments (1st Floor)

Budweiser Bar

Mello Bar

Juan Valdez Cafe

Café Abraço

Segafredo Coffee

Get N Go Minimarket

Aruba Airport VIP lounges provide an escape for travelers seeking comfort and tranquility. Amenities include free Wi-Fi, televisions, soups, snacks, refreshments and more importantly a comfortable seat to kick back in while you await your next flight.

Aruba Airport VIP Lounge

VIP Lounge (Gate 2)

VIP Lounge (Gate 8)

Aruba Airport Services


ATM Machine

Baggage Wrapping



Food & Beverage



Mobile Phones

Public Telephone


Vending Machines

Aruba Airport Free Wi-Fi

Plan Your Trip to Aruba

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