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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are flights to Aruba so expensive?

Rates for flights to Aruba will vary depending on things such as dates of travel, departure destination, class, etc. That said, flights to Aruba are generally very reasonable from major destinations and travel hubs. Especially those on the East coast of the United States.

Below, you can find the price range you can expect to pay for flights to Aruba Airport during the high season months (December 15th – April 14th).

Departure Airport:Price Range (High Season):
John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)$305-$980 USD
Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)$340-$930 USD
Miami International Airport (MIA)$360-$630 USD
Mexico City International Airport (MEX)$590-$910 USD
Dallas Fort-Worth Airport (DFW)$415-$980 USD
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)$445-$1100 USD