Aruba Airport Parking

Aruba Airport parking is available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Aruba Airport offers parking close to the terminal entrance, including accessible spaces for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, the airport provides both short-term and long-term parking options to suit the duration of travelers’ stays.

Find all the information you need to park your car at Aruba Airport from the allotted time, rates, parking locations, and more.

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General Parking

General parking is available for all passengers. However, it is advised to park your car before picking up or dropping off any passengers, as vehicles left unattended in the zone in front of the terminal building will be towed immediately.

Location: Sabana Berde 75, Oranjestad, Aruba. View exact location on Google Maps.

Services Available: 24-hour secured parking, ATM Machines, bathrooms, and accessible parking spaces.

Parking Rates

Time Parked:Rates: (Aruban Florin)
0-60 Minutes3 AWG
1 Hour – 2 Hours6 AWG
2 Hours – 3 Hours9 AWG
3 Hours – 4 Hours12 AWG
4 Hours – 5 Hours15 AWG
5 Hours – 6 Hours18 AWG
6 Hours – 7 Hours21 AWG
7 Hours – 8 Hours24 AWG
8 Hours – 9 Hours27 AWG
9 Hours – 24 Hours30 AWG
Additional Hours3 AWG + Time Parked
More than 52 Hours75 AWG
Lost Ticket Fee75 AWG
Towing Fee75 AWG
Cardholder parking per month – covered parking100 AWG
Cardholder parking per month – uncovered parking55 AWG

For more information, please contact (+297) 524-24-24.